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Image description: Goodnow Brothers Elementary School.

Image description: Goodnow Brothers Elementary School.

Sam is a proud graduate of Marlborough Public Schools and knows that the vibrancy of our community directly connects to our investment in educating our youngest residents. Sam’s background in nonprofit civic education and helping pass the state civics education bill, which requires school systems teach students how our government works, will apply well to charting a positive path for our young people.


As Chair of the School Committee, Sam will:

  • Support increasing seats in the universal pre-K program within our city and expanding the hours to support working families.

  • Prioritize reducing the number of students in each classroom.

  • Upgrade existing facilities and ensure we have adequate space for all students.

  • Expand restorative justice, social-emotional learning and project-based learning

  • Involve students in local government such as a shadowing program.

  • Augment and refine the civics curriculum.

  • Build out our internship program with local businesses and programs like dual enrollment in college courses and EMT certification.

  • Teach to different types of learners and support English language learners.

  • Launch a Youth Poll Worker Program to engage students in the civic process.

  • Work with our Superintendent to address the mental health of children, families and teachers in the schools to confront the aftermath of the pandemic. This will help reverse learning loss, combat school avoidance, address kids acting out in schools, and more.

  • Support increased school adjustment counselors in the schools to address bullying and school avoidance

  • Improve special education services to promote socialization and communication among students.


  • Providing a myriad of resources to support and strengthen our community are key to ensuring all residents thrive in our city. From supporting the Marlborough Public Library, offering mental health resources, combating food insecurity and offering public wifi, Sam will be a Mayor that puts residents first.

  • Bolster support for the Marlborough Public Library and house a welcome center to orient new community members.

  • Make Marlborough an attractive and welcoming haven for new residents.

  • Mental Health is health - establish strong mental health resources for residents throughout the City, especially in our schools.

  • Address food insecurity in our community by expanding existing offerings for food access such as the Marlborough Community Cupboard and summer meal programs for children.

  • Create a citywide needs assessment tool to have accurate quantitative data to assess what Marlborough residents need most.

  • Implement a public wifi system in the downtown area for residents to access and to provide opportunity for all residents to have access to high speed internet services.

  • Partner with our state leaders to help local residents access state services.

  • Ensure that all public documents are also available in Portuguese and Spanish.

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