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Councilor Perlman is hard at work advocating for Marlborough residents and running to be our next Mayor. See below for various articles that cover Councilor Perlman’s advocacy for us:

October 4, 2023

Check out Samantha's candidate interview with the Community Advocate: "For the first time in 10 years, the city will have a new mayor. Should you be elected Mayor, what will be your first goals?"

My goals are informed by my citywide council service encompassing long-term planning, supporting our schools and centralizing our environment.
  • I will hire a City Planner to gather and assess data on our population, zoning, growth, transportation, incomes, traffic and walkability to align with community input so we proactively predict and address our city’s needs, such as infrastructure upgrades and actualizing a long-overdue West Side Fire Station.
  • Building upon the dedication of our school district, I will invest in and retain our staff through competitive salary packages, prioritize building capacity to lower our student to teacher ratio and improve the classroom experience. Further, I will deepen varied enrichment, expanded literacy and STEM programs, internships and project-based learning.
  • I will also be a climate champion, mitigating environmental impacts like flooding to protect our homes. We will conserve open space, increase our tree canopy to combat rising heat, and guarantee every resident access to parks and recreation.


October 10, 2022

Continuing her strong advocacy for public art, Councilor Perlman was asked to comment on the Marlborough dance studio mural. Though other Councilors did not get on board with her public art proposal, she is not dissuaded. 

"Perlman said she plans to again propose plans to the City Council, citing the potential for public art in the city. "There are so many opportunities in the city for public art, you can see what other cities in the area are doing," she said. "We want to see people moving to Marlborough, and public art allows a space for the expressions of people who live here, and the diverse experiences they live."" 

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