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Councilor Perlman is hard at work advocating for Marlborough residents and running to be our next Mayor. See below for various articles that cover Councilor Perlman’s advocacy for us:

July 17, 2023

Check out Councilor Perlman's comments as a Mayoral candidate to the Marlborough Patch regarding the newcomers in our community. An excerpt is included below:

"As a diverse community in the heart of the commonwealth, Marlborough has always been a welcoming place for immigrants. Now is the time to continue that tradition of helping and including others, many of whom are fleeing violence we can only imagine.

These newcomers deserve the dignity of a roof over their head and a safe place for their families to live in. We welcome these new residents to our city and will do what we can to support them and ensure the children and families have a place to call home." 
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