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Image description: Sign along the Assabet River Rail Trail in Marlborough.

Image description: Sign along the Assabet River Rail Trail in Marlborough.

The future for our city and our world depends on a liveable planet. Just as our budget represents our values, so too must our city lead on environmental sustainability. Sound stewardship of our natural resources must be integrated into all our work, including how we operate internally to reduce our carbon footprint. Our parks are also a priority and we are fortunate to have a lot of recreational facilities in our community.

  • Plant more trees in downtown and across the city, develop a tree canopy ordinance and support maintenance of both public and private trees to stop our urban heat island effect and provide cooling.

  • Connect every Marlborough neighborhood through trails and paths and with every surrounding community to build off the success of the Boroughs Loop Trail.

  • Build a City Dog Park for residents and make more spaces across the city dog-friendly

  • Implement composting within the schools.

  • Protect existing open space across the city and guarantee every neighborhood has easy access to parks and recreation

  • Install solar panels across all municipal buildings to reduce energy costs and combat climate change.

  • Work to mitigate climate impacts like flooding and water contamination to improve residents' public health and protect their homes.

  • Expand the capacity of our Conservation Officer through increased staffing, such as a sustainability manager to help families and schools reduce their energy costs.

  • Leverage state and federal grant programs to greatly increase our electric vehicle fleet and build more city charging stations.

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