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Image description: Pleasant Street Fire Station.

Image description: Pleasant Street Fire Station.

Sam will be a Mayor that delivers essential government services as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The bedrock of her administration will be a government that works and keeps the promises the City has made to its citizens. Importantly, the Mayor sets the budget priorities for the community which is a representation of what we as a City value.


Having served as a key member of the Finance Committee and being a lifelong Marlborough resident, Sam knows firsthand how important well kept public infrastructure such as public safety buildings, well paved roads, traffic management and strong city services are to a high quality of life for residents.

  • Prioritize building the long awaited fire station in the west part of our city.

  • Ensure the necessary staffing needs to keep our firefighters safe so they can provide timely service to cover our city.


  • Invest in long overdue road repairs and upgrades.

  • Implement a transparent process about how roads are selected and scheduled for repaving so that residents can communicate the quality of their street to the DPW.

  • Continue accessing state and federal governments in order to secure funding to support infrastructure investment across our city to speed up the number of roads we can repair.

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