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Image description: Welcome to Historic Downtown Marlborough sign.

Image description: Welcome to Historic Downtown Marlborough sign.

A robust and active downtown is the beating heart of our city. Sam will make downtown more walkable and support the influx of small businesses to anchor the entire length of downtown. Sam is the lead advocate for public art in our city and will develop a citywide public art and downtown plan to make the location pedestrian-friendly, highlight our local history and Museum in the Streets as well as becoming a destination for visitors and locals alike.

  • Make downtown more walkable with investment in sidewalks, greenery and expansion of outdoor dining.

  • Develop a public art plan and make the area a destination for residents and visitors.

  • Continue applying for state grants to support our downtown’s continued improvement and fully achieve downtown’s status as a cultural district.

  • Repurpose the Walker Building for community use and pursue funding opportunities to revitalize the building and maintain its historic character.

  • Partner with the Marlborough Economic Development Corporation and Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce to support small businesses to move and stay downtown.

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